The Jodada Experience

We are Jodada. A self funded independent production company

The Jodada guide to the paranormal. A Bump in the Night with Dick Acorn. A psychic with a special link with the other side, helps uncover a mysterious tale

The Jodada Experience 2013 Julians workshop with outtakes world famous drama tutor Julian Liversausage runs a class that turns out a bit different than usual… #JodadaFilms #FlashFilm #improv #Devised #Improvisedcomedy #alwaysaheadofthecurve

Designer Time

Mark Hibbert Smith and his half Brother Frank.

Designers to the rich and stupid in conversation where they divulge their views on modern art.

Sometimes dates don’t always go to plan Cafeo

The Imp

The Hitman

Carl and Phil have a problem and they resort to extreme measures to solve it.