The Jodada Sessions 2007-2009

Originally meant to last six months. Mixing improvised, devised and scripted drama and comedy with a multi camera set ups. Each week a group were given the task of conceiving and filming a micro shorts /comedy sketches. Here are some of the things we did based in Wallasey

Fadder Murphy

The Apostrophe


Alfie n Gails Party

The Wizard of Who? Andy saw a documentary the night before, well he thought it was a documentary. don’t take strong medication when watching documentaries.

Background Artistes. actors waiting in the green room The Jodada Experience 2007-09 #JodadaFilms #FlashFilm #improv #Devised #Improvisedcomedy

Cafe Shakespeare. a collaboration with Liverpool Network Theatre and the amazing Katy Downes

Parental Guidance. Dave and Marcelle doing some improv without knowing the cameras were rolling

The Feathered Mutineer

Madame Marcelle