The Jodada Experience 2010

After a short break, we setup an improvised ‘filmed as live’ on election night in 2010. Meant to be a one off, we started weekly sessions very soon after where we attempted our first go at a web series before web series were a thing. followed by many more evenings of magical fun. in no particular order…

The Jodada Guide to The Election Special

The Eye of the Needle

The comings and goings of a social club where the beer is so bad the next day you could guarantee, you can shit through the Eye of a needle.

with outtakes!

The Eye of the Needle Episode Two with Outtakes!

John Prosser The Assessment. Devised and performed by John Prosser

Paul & Jay Talk Girls

The Feathered Mutineer

The World Hide and Seek Champion

Devised & Performed by Angela Millet

A Bump on The Night (Pi;or)