Jodada Films

Welcome to Jodada Films.

We have been running filmmaking projects since 2007. We specialise in a hybrid of drama & performance mixed with hi tec/ low budget filmmaking. Anyone could come to our workshops to get experience of all aspects of filmmaking,

We also work with local charities, youth groups and people who have been isolated because of physical and mental health disability issues or been homeless. Oh and we do gigs too! The site is still under construction and new content is appearing daily.

The Jodada Guide to Speed Dating

The Jodada Guide to Speed Dating Improvised single take every time(well there is one outtake worth waiting for) the performers were like ducks on a slide, running round to have another go The Jodada Experience 2013 #JodadaFilms #FlashFilm #improv #Devised #Improvisedcomedy

A Bump in the Night with Dick Acorn, a parody of TV shows exploring the paranormal. It’s also a single continuous take but we don’t boast. well not often

The Hypnotist

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