Lunchclub Cabaret

Lunchclub Cabaret is an educational filmmaking project by Jodada Films. These sessions aren’t a traditional way of making films. They serve as a tool to improve self Confidence, Self Esteem and learn social and collaboration skills. The films we make give people isolated from society and are ever unlikely to get the chance to become creative filmmakers. People have gone on to industry jobs to teaching filmmaking at Oxford university. we are totally self funded, receive zero funding and want to build our own micro studio top carry on our work in the new covid era. if you would like to donate get in touch our studio fundraising campaign will be starting soon.

take a look at the last 14 years of improvised comedy.

This short film was improvised by service users at Wirral Ark. The story is based on the old adage of be careful what you wish for

The Imp

Another short film where service users listed the barriers they have to overcome just to receive job seekers allowance. From the feedback from both sides showed it was very realistic of the whole process

Job Finders

Another short film with service users and actors from Jodada creating a piece that blows away convention and perceived views of people who have had to rely on benefits without discrimination.

The Homeless Job Interview

This was another collaboration with Wirral Ark residents. Based on a true story a resident experienced

Making Amends

This is an improvised session, in partnership with Wirral Ark. Each student using the solace of the bathroom to talk to themselves

This is a feedback session from a group of young people attending a course we ran in partnership with The Green Community Shop in Oxton Wirral