The Green Screen Sessions

Originally supposed to be a green screen test that turned into a piece of blinding improv by Richard,Jim and Roy.

Fadder Murphy

The Apostrophe is under attack. Drastic measures need to be taken improvised & performed by the late Richard and Bernie. Both missed and taken too early. The Jodada Experience 2007-09 #JodadaFilms#FlashFilm#improv#Devised#Improvisedcomedy Give us a like/follow and Share and maybe buy us a coffee while we continue our work of giving access to all aspects of filming to the someone walking in from the street Or donate by PayPal…SHOW LESS

The Jodada Guide to the job interview. James isn’t confidence and Angela may not be who she seems…

The Sakespeare Sessions

Andy Kerr Angela Millet, Frank Kennedy and Katy Downes perform some classic Shakespeare. The Jodada Experience 2007-09 #JodadaFilms #FlashFilm #improv #Devised #Improvisedcomedy

Championship Football Manager. Championship Football Manager has become so real they need referees. The Jodada Experience 2007-09 #JodadaFilms #FlashFilm #improv #Devised #Improvisedcomedy

The Prodigal son





One for the road