The Jodada Experience 2012

This is the year Wirral declared independence and guaranteed sundbed prices will stay the same. There was a bowling green and something shady underneath. Bernard and his Bingo halls, a massacre at the country dancing class and an Interview with a man who forgot something before going in Some Morris Dancing Stormtroopers. A very strange episode of Strictly, a lift that has an uncertain destination, plus the fate of Frank Wells and much much more on the Film Challenges and Cafe Jodada Pages

The Edna’s Awards

Wirral Independence day. there has been a few hiccups here and there though….

The Bowling Green

Bernard Balls and his Bingo Halls with Outtakes

The Morris Dancing Stormtroopers

Strictly Come Prancing

Frank Wells with Outtakes

The Country Dancing Massacre

The Lift

The Interview by Mike Facenfield. Jamie has done everything to prepare for his interview. at least he thought he had….